Welcome to this whole new world of masked revelation;
A subtle step by step unfolding of human pretention…
Welcome to DAMBHA.

The Background

Man is a social animal, but somewhere, there’s an animal hidden in the corridors of his unique persona. And though society showcases the apex of his gems in the form of talents, yet there’s a defined discrepancy between him as an ‘animal’ and as a ‘social animal’. In the era gone by, a lot of societal upheavals saw an evolution of this social creature. But animosity and the norms of society never looked eye to eye. In fact, the distinction between both widened just as civilizations strived & values conflicted. What surfaced were ego, pomp, hypocrisy, and a clear split of self as a ‘social person’ and as an ‘animal’. This downfall of human from his natural self, somewhere affected the natural ‘life as usual’ way of living. So if look closer, we see a deep pain in every personality, where everyone is moved in the inner realms with a peculiar sense of dualism and this has been become a part of one’s sophisticated social life. This internal unrest and dilemma disturbed me, as an artist and as a human being to the core and led me to weave an artistic theme around its nuances. I hereby modestly bring out my take; feelings; and understanding of this pretentious dualistic society through art.

My Perspective

My inquisitive delicate mind first questions, then lingers and finally detects ‘pomp’, which discreetly occupies the nook and corners of any social mind. This prominence of pomp has become an indispensable colour of today’s social canvas, and hidden behind such canvases are personalities like you and me, who pretend every step of the way, and this is the big subject for my artistic theme- because art reveals while we pretend. My art indulges profusely in the passing images I briefly encounter in my day to day life. The personalities- generous and dwarf; the strange mannerisms of people I come across, have all in some way affected my mindset unknowingly. It all surfaces and causes ripples in my mind. It’s my feelings which have come forth in the images I have sketched. However, these aren’t mere images; these are stories that have etched my mind’s eye & memory forever and have come alive on my canvas. Hence this art work is a live portrayal and not an imaginative effort of my conscious mind. My indifference to the ambiance or to the mundane social scenario prompted me to present this profound art work. Having interpreted human faces, I diligently reflect it on my imagery. Everybody therefore will end up finding one’s own face somewhere in my art world.

My source of inspiration for Dambha...

I consider my magnificent college and to be this country called India, from where I draw my inspiration- a country which is a a superb mélange and politburo of diverse human lives, places, characters, personalities, as they all find a place in my art. So all those pompous souls who wear pomp on their faces, watch out! For I catch and reveal it all on my art paper.



All work © 2012. saurabh.chandekar.